This is the video page! I will put my videos here! Check them out, I hope you like them! 😀 Here is the link to my YouTube Channel so you can subscribe 🙂

Music Videos:

Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away (CPMV) By Arctic Furry

Foo Fighters – The Pretender (CPMV) By Arctic Furry

All American Rejects – Move Along (CPMV) By Arctic Furry

Our Lady Peace – Innocent (CPMV) By Arctic Furry

State of Shock – Hearts That Bleed (CPMV) By Arctic Furry

Wolfmother – Joker and the Thief (CPMV) By Arctic Furry

Adventure Videos (Clubpenguin Movies):

The Horror of Halloween (Clubpenguin Movie)

The Find Four Hero (Clubpenguin Movie)

The April Fools Day Prank (Clubpenguin Movie)

The Escape From School (Clubpenguin Movie)

Airplane Problems (Clubpenguin Movie)

Hero to Zero (Clubpenguin Movie)

The Newb Adventure (Clubpenguin Movie)

The Cheese Mission (Clubpenguin Movie)

Revenge of the Puffle (Clubpenguin Movie)

Those are just some of the videos we’ve made. Come by our channel’s to watch more! I will be adding more videos on here soon. Now I’ll tell you some stuff about Me and Youtube. I Made my First and Only Youtube Channel (Arcticfurryincp) on April 17th, 2007. I was so excited to start making videos. I hard a hard time finding my first good recording system, then i finally got Unregistered Screen Recorder Gold! I finally made my first video on May 24th, about a month after i made my Youtube Account. Then, i finally got 100 subscribers on August 24th! 😀 Ever since I’ve been loving youtube!


11 responses

29 05 2008

I hope you guys like this Page!

~ Arctic 🙂

29 05 2008

its awesome

10 06 2008

hey arctic this is sweet!

20 06 2008

its awesome also your videos are awsome

21 06 2008

u rock and this page is cool u rock 4evr

25 06 2008

my sight i posted 14 hours ago and it sucks urs is way better u rock

25 06 2008

really cool i am

28 08 2008

i really like Airplane problems! hehe 😀

28 08 2008

cool thanks!

15 09 2008

Nice page!

25 10 2008

My name on cp is lisastacy99

usaly on mamoth

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