How-To Make a Movie

Hey Guys, This page will show you How-To Make a Movie! You will first need some materials for making the movie 😀

1. You Need a Screen Recorder, I Recommend Hypercam, Unregistered Screen Recorder Gold or Camstudio. Now With Hypercam and Unregistered Screen Recorder Gold there will be a logo at the top. To get that off, you need to get the registered version. They are still great recording devices if you dont mind the logo. Camstudio doesn’t have a logo, thats what I use. The only problem it has bad quality but i dont mind, I can fix that.

2. Now You Need an Idea. For Comedies I usually just make up random ideas or make a parody of something I see on TV. You have to make sure it has a Beggining, Middle, and End. The audience has to understand whats going on in the film. If you wanna make a Music Video, You have to look the lyrics first then record you saying them. I recommend trying to be different (Example: If a part says “home” you should be in your igloo). Your timing has to be good too. I usually like effects with my music videos, For editors I recommend Sony Vegas (Versions 7,8,9), Power Director (Versions 6,7), Ulead Videostudio11 (Versions 11,11.5), Adorage, Arcsoft Showbiz DVD or Windows Movie Maker (Many different versions).

3. Now, You need actors. If you have an Instant Chatting Device like Aim or MSN it would really help because you can talk to the actors and tell them what to say instead of sending them a script. Make sure not to film any other people in the shot besides the actors (Example: Random Newbs).

4. Once your done your film you can edit now with one of your editors. I use Windows Movie Maker for Comedies because its really easy to add tittles and transitions to the movie. Once im done editing i add music, I use Limewire for my music. I recommend music that fits the movie. Then publish your video on Windows Movie Maker.

5. Your almost there! All we gotta do is upload your movie to Youtube. It usuallys takes me half an hour to upload a video then another half an hour to make the movie process. Once your movie is ready I recommend posting a bulletin about the video so people will know its up. Now, your done! Enjoy Your Movie 🙂


7 responses

1 09 2008

Great new page Arctic! Good job! I use CamStudio for my videos 😀

4 09 2008

Nice page but HyperCam pwnz CamStudio thats why I have registered HyperCam :mrgreen:

6 09 2008

Lol, there the same. Hypercam just has better quality. I dont wanna be illegel by getting the reistered version, thats against the law.

7 09 2008
Mohawk Ace

lol ik this has nothing to do with this page but the glitch on ur homepage doesent work

2 10 2008

hey can you upload vids with unpaid ZD SOFT?

19 10 2008

Cool site, where can you get a screen recorder? if you have a mac?

thanx, ps:love your movies!!!!!!!

15 12 2008

Hey! Arctic Furry! Camstudio Does VERY GOOD QUALITY VIDEOS! Theyr’e not bad at all!

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