About Arctic Furry

My Clubpenguin Name is Arctic Furry. I started Clubpenguin in November 2006, My brother first told me about it. Ever since I’ve loved Clubpenguin 😀 .  I am 538 Days Old (As of May 29th, 2008). I go on the Servers Frozen, Mammoth and Arctic. Im usually on between 7:00AM – 8:00AM or 4:30PM – 5:30 PM. Sometimes I open my igloo and have parties! 😀 . My real name is Tyler, I live in Canada. Here is some stuff about me:

Favourite Food: Cheese

Favourite Sport: Soccer

Brother: Likeswagh

Other Websites: Arcticfurrytime.piczo.com and Arcticfurry.Ning.com

Favourite Clubpenguin Movie Maker: Kingultima

Favourite Bands: Falloutboy, Foo Fighters, Coldplay

Favourite Movies: The Dark Knight, Holes

Aim: Arctic Furry

My buddy list is full but sometimes if there is room i will add someone. I wish i could add everyone, so I could make more great friends! If you see me around Clubpenguin say hi and i’ll be glad to talk and we can hangout! Current Buddies: 124


24 responses

1 06 2008

canadain cool

4 06 2008

can i add me?

20 06 2008

Hey arctic if my bro wouldn’t of done that i would of been up there i think!

23 06 2008


25 06 2008

can u add me or we can hang out and you could IM me with AIM when you have a slot open for a buddy.I am Apd78 on CP.weel heres the info:
Cp Penguin:Apd78
add me on AIM and we can chat

26 06 2008
Rey Rey2006

cool u have jbl44, i have ineuit2, colboltshock and shezzi101

27 06 2008
lolli AND torns

Bwolf…?! we go on his bribble lol and we been watchin Gators vids..kool

7 07 2008

Lol i am on ur buddy list now…………………………………………..anyways if u didnt figure out who i am yet i am benbux7

8 07 2008

i wunt to be famous

10 07 2008

o arctic can i be ur last buddy

11 07 2008

lol some1 said cool you have jbl44

13 07 2008

I thought your favorite food would be cheese?

13 07 2008
14 07 2008

u dident add me on clubpenguin:( still your a good friend lol bye

19 07 2008

jon lol

26 08 2008


28 08 2008

im second in your list =D

29 08 2008

put me in the blogroll please. This is cpplayer9 from youtube. My penguin is socrboy16 🙂

10 09 2008

Did you forget to say your cheese constipates people?!?!?!?

22 10 2008
Diary Wimpy

I saw ur youtube videos there hilarous.
By the way wats ur back up penguin name so I can add u
This is my name on cp
Name: Diary Wimpy
I usually go on any server

25 10 2008

You rock! You inspired me to make movies!

7 11 2008

Hey I didnt know you had a wordpress. Its cycle22, remember me? 🙂

28 12 2008


11 01 2009

ur full of canaidian crap lol jk u rock dude

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