Spq96’s 100,000 Hits Party – Reminder

15 11 2008

Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind you of the party I am having in Club Penguin tomorrow. Everyone is welcome to come to it.

  • When: Saturday, November 15 (tomorrow)
  • Where: Club Penguin
  • Time: 2:00 PM Club Penguin Time Zone
  • Server: Sleet
  • Room: Dock

My penguin name is Spq96.

At the party we will be doing MANY fun things. Here is just a FEW things I have planned.

  • We will waddle around different rooms to get more penguins to waddle with us.
  • Everyone who comes will get to be my friend on Club Penguin.
  • You will get to meet TONS of other famous penguins.
  • We will play many fun games like Sled Racing, Find Four, and some others.
  • I will post 3 VERY lucky penguins who come to the party on my blog!
  • And one special penguin will receive a rare penguin that is over 900 days old!

You can not miss out on this! This will be by far the BEST party in Club Penguin history! If you wan to come make history with Spq96 and friends, all you have to do is simply come to this great party! I guarantee that you will have a BLAST at this party. C’mon! You know you wanna go to it!





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2 04 2009


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