Club Penguin Treasure Book Cheat!

27 10 2008

Hey everyone! Today I found a hidden item in the Treasure Book that lets you unlock the cool items. The new cheat will allow you to unlock the Winged Helmet, which was once a free item that Rockhopper gave away. Here is how to find it.

  1. Enter your code on the back of your coin (if you have one).
  2. Go to the sixth page of the Treasure Book.
  3. Click on the yellow window on the building.
  4. You can now unlock the Winged Helmet!

Here is a picture of which window on the building to click on.

You will now have the option to unlock the Winged Helmet from the Treasure Book.

Cool, huh? I am glad Club Penguin put a cheat in the Treasure Book. )

Also, I have noticed MANY of you have been begging me for a code to unlock the items in the Treasure Book. So guess what? I have decided to hold a contest that will let the winner get a code from one of my coins. The code will let you unlock items from the Treasure Book. I will have more info about the contest soon, so keep checking back.

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and waddle on!





One response

30 10 2008

plz can you give more info about the contest! today plz im desperate for some toy codes!

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