Anniversary Party Cheats & Secrets + New Pin Cheat

24 10 2008

Hey everyone! Today the Club Penguin is celebrating its 3rd anniversary! To celebrate, they have set up a cool party with a new party hat! First, I will show you how to get the new party hat. First, go to the Coffee Shop. After that, click on the red button on the Wish Maker 3000.

Once you have done that, the top of the cake should blow away and you should see the new party hats!

Then, just click on the party hats. You will now be able to receive the new 3rd Anniversary Club Penguin Party hats!

You can also get the Blue Apron at the Coffee Shop too. Some people may already have it though.

Cool, huh? Ok, now for the new pin. You can find the 3rd Anniversary Cake pin at the Dance Lounge (upstairs in the Dance Club).

You have now found the new Anniversary Cake pin! And guess what I also found today? There is a cool new Yearbook in the Book Room! Remember to check it out when you have some spare time! ) You can also find some hidden pins in it too. You can’t get the pins in the book though. So move your cursor over some things and click on them to find a hidden pin!

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and waddle on!

(P.S. I might post some more after school).





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