The Ultimate Money Making Glitch!

3 09 2008

This glitch no longer works. Do not try it! You will be booted from the server if you attempt to do the glitch.

Hey everyone! As we all know, the coin glitch with DJ3K has been fixed. But I found out that you can use the same glitch with Bean Counters! And it actually works! This glitch will allow you to earn over 1,000 coins in 20 seconds! And remember, this is no hack! This is 100% a Club Penguin glitch. So now, here is a glitch guide for it.

  1. Log on to any non-chat server in Club Penguin.
  2. Go to the Coffee Shop and click on the Bean Counters game.
  3. But DO NOT click yes yet.
  4. Press Tab on your keyboard until the yellow box is around your igloo icon on your chatbar.
  5. Now press Enter on your keyboard.
  6. You should now be at your igloo.
  7. Now click Yes when it asks you to play Bean Counters.
  8. Play Bean Counters until you pass the first level.
  9. Now press Tab until the yellow box is around the X at the right corner of the game.
  10. Now, keep pressing Enter rapidly on your keyboard. Notice how your coins keep going up and up each time you press Enter!

Well, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed my glitch guide! And keep in mind that this is a GLITCH. You cannot get banned for doing this glitch.





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7 09 2008


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