New Book Out and Item?

30 05 2008

Today Clubpenguin Made a new book called Penguin Tales Spring ’08. Theres 3 stories inside, all the people’s stories who won the writing contest are in there. Also, there was supposed to be a new item but for some reason it hasn’t came yet. People are saying it’s gonna be a red hard hat. Well i couldnt find much more on it but it should be here soon. Cya!

~ Arctic.




9 responses

1 06 2008

hi arctic i am you r number 1 fan darthpuckie!
wanna be buddys check out my site at
cool videos
supposed was kinda mean to you

2 06 2008
Mike8498(not logged in)

Hey arctic, I was wondering if you would like a header. I can make really good headers. I know you don’t know me but I think you would like my headers. Get back to me at

21 06 2008

Hello Arctic! please visit these sites. i work at this one. and my friend the source runs this one. please go to both sites! and thanks for listening to me. youre the only nice famous penguin now!

21 06 2008

please see these comments and also heres how u comment on the homestead site. click cp fun page theres a guest book where u can comment there or go to latest news scroll down find the guest book and do the same thing.

21 06 2008

please stop awaiting moderation i want these commetns to get to you straight away!

26 06 2008

Cool website Arctic! It’s pretty cool! By the way awesome header!

10 07 2008

arctic thanks for puttin me on ur blogroll dude ill put u on mine soon

10 07 2008

o and i got a penguin thats really old and has the pink bunny ears ill send him to ya on youtube k

18 07 2008

u get the red hat if u did cpip dumbo i have it

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